35 tph SHX CFB steam boiler

Qinghai Salt Lake Heiner Chemical Co.,Ltd.


  • Output capacity:35 tph
  • Boiler model:SHX CFB Steam Boiler
  • Project address:Ganhe, Qinghai
  • Partner:Qinghai Salt Lake Heiner Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Project Description

  Qinghai Salt Lake Hainer Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., and it is the first domestic company with a full set of advanced production equipment for PVC production technology and downstream product development capabilities. Qinghai Salt Lake Chemicals requires large quantities of steam in the production of PVC, which consumes a lot of fuel costs each year. The person in charge learned through multiple parties and contacted the ZOZENboiler, then purchased two sets of 35 tph SHX series circulating fluidized bed steam boilers at ZOZEN. It can not only help Qinghai Salt Lake Chemical Company reduce the fuel consumption of several million yuan, but also significantly reduce the annual electricity consumption, its energy saving effect is very significant.

Project feedback

  From we make a request to they have a specific implementation plan, ZOZENboiler personals solve all the problems and try their best to have a good cooperation with our staff to ensure that the project goes well.